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 015: Dig in the Roman City of Sanisera & Explore the archaeology in Barcelona

General Information

The Sanisera Field School offers an annual archaeological dig on the island of Menorca, off the coast of Spain. It has organized courses for students who come from all over the world to study abroad and who are interested in Roman cities and Classical archaeology.

This program is divided in two main parts. In the first part of the course students will gain experience in archaeological fieldwork by excavating in the Ancient Roman city of Sanisera.

During the second part students will discover the most significant remains from Ancient World Cultures through an archaeological tour around Barcelona and its surroundings, which will be leaded by an expert on Ancient art history.

The archaeological fieldwork in Sanisera (Menorca, Spain)

Fieldwork will focus on the excavation of a urban area where a monastery has been found. The monastery, which dates from the 5th and 6th centuries AD, includes an Early Christian basilica. The Harris system will be followed in order to systematically dig all the sequence the site has.

In the laboratory students will learn to classify all the artifacts found on site, including Roman pottery, numismatics and faunal remains.

Time dedicated to this part of the program: 70%.

Explore the Archaeology in Barcelona (Spain)

The museums in Barcelona have on display many fascinating collections of very significant archaeological materials from different periods, such as Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Medieval.

The History of Barcelona and its territory is very old. The ancient Greek city of Emporion (Ampurias) was founded on its shores. Nowadays the remains of the Roman city of Barcino rest under modern Barcelona. In Roman times, the city of Tarraco, which was very close to Barcelona, was the capital of the Empire during the reign of Emperor Augustus.

Regarding the Medieval Period, Barcelona presents many churches and monasteries with very well preserved sculptures and paintings.

This tour will have a duration of five days and explanations will be in English.

Time dedicated to this part of the program: 30%.




Digging in the Roman city of Sanisera

Digging in the Roman city of Sanisera

Finds from the fieldwork in Sanisera

Pottery from the Sanisera dig site

Roman bridge

Roman aqueduct

Medusa mosaic in the Archaeoloogical Museum of Tarrgona

Medusa mosaic in the Archaeological Museum of Tarragona

Ceramic founded in the Sanisera fieldwork

Roman lamp found in the excavation at Sanisera



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